Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

At Steward Health Choice Utah, we accept both electronic and paper claims from providers. To help you improve your efficiency so that you can focus on patient care, we encourage you to submit claims electronically by utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The benefits of EDI are:

  • Faster transaction time and payment.
  • Reduced operational costs compared to paper claims (printing, collating, postage, etc.).
  • Increased accuracy resulting from validation of data elements.
  • Reduced adjustments.

In Utah, we work with UHIN and Change Healthcare to make the electronic claims submission process as seamless as possible. Steward Health Choice Utah is fully 5010-compliant, and can also accept 4010 claims. To better serve you, we are affiliated with two clearinghouses in Utah.


Name Phone Number Transaction Type/Format Payer ID
UHIN 1-801-466-7705 HCFA 1500 – Professional (837P)
UB 92 and UB 04 – Institutional (837I)
Change Healthcare 1-877-469-3263 HCFA 1500 – Professional (837P)
UB 92 – Institutional (837I)
Claims Status Inquiry/Response (276/277)

For questions regarding claims, call Steward Health Choice Utah toll-free at 1-877-358-8797.

Electronic Funds Transfer Request

To participate in electronic data interchange, please complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Request, and submit to:

Steward Health Choice Utah
Attn: Information Systems
406 W South Jordan Parkway, Suite 550
South Jordan, UT 84095
EFT Request Form

Paper Claims Processing

To submit paper claims, please mail to:

Steward Health Choice Utah
410 N. 44th Street, Suite 925
Phoenix, AZ 85008